Warehouse Management System

StockSystem® is the Warehouse Management System (WMS) of the SMA.I.L:) SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS platform to manage logistics flows, increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs and errors, and optimize warehouse logistics performance.

It is developed on Zucchetti's Infinity platform and uses the most innovative and established information technology: Voice, Light wireless system, Wearable scanner, Smart glasses e RFID.

It manages all types of traditional, automated, customs and e-commerce warehouses.

It integrates with the main ERP systems on the market through standard interfaces or through specific integration modules.


A warehouse management system that aims atoptimization.

StockSystem is a standard and international warehouse management system (WMS) used by more than 600 companies because of its flexible software architecture that can be easily configured to the parameters of each customer's commodity sectors.

Replica Sistemi has received validation of the WMS StockSystem Infinity by Fraunhofer IML Institute for Material Flow and Logistics.


  • decreased time for checking, storing and picking goods;
  • timely deliveries;
  • rotating inventory.


  • correct inventories verifiable in real time;
  • quick shipment setup and dynamic picking;
  • evaluation of operator performance.


  • monitoring tools (KPI);
  • statistics dashboard;
  • traceability and visibility of all logistics processes.

Management costs

  • optimization and rationalization of spaces;
  • automation of repetitive procedures;
  • elimination of paper media.


  • accuracy and control in the reception;
  • reduction of errors in picking and shipping.


The StockSystem warehouse management system allows dinamic management of goods allocations, optimizes material handling activities and enables continuous monitoring of activities and human and automated resources.
The main operational functions are available on Android Ready terminals. It integrates with LGV systems, automated and end-of-line warehouses, label application and printing systems.


StockSystem Infinity has a high standard of security based on the Zucchetti system that allows password obfuscation and an encryption system for users.

Web server

It allows open access through the web that can be reached anywhere and on any device.

Mobile policy

The Menu configuration system is very simple and allows for user groups to be made and associated with menu groups. It thus offers a very high granularity of configuration based on the mission of each individual user.

User friendly

The Display presents an orderly and clear look. Thanks to HyperLinks, menus can be explored in an orderly manner, enabling the display of very in-depth detail information right from the Dashboard page, so that both an overall picture and detail explorations are always neatly available.

Automated and controlled updates

The system enables the view of all software updates and releases that are periodically released. Through automated alerts, the system indicates what the "prerequisites" are and prevents the installation of an update if they have not also been implemented previously, thus avoiding any bugs or system crashes. 

Reception of goods

  • Link with purchase order
  • Item Identification
  • Coding and Labeling, if not present in acceptance
  • Cross docking management (stocking, picking area)
  • Returns management
  • Management of incoming goods forecast (stock reserve)
  • Order unloading and physical stock loading
  • Management of production lot/expiry date
  • Multi-step mission execution management (tracking)

Stocking and Moving

  • Manual or automatic assignment of leases
  • Assignment control
  • Assignment of locations with different criteria (ABC logic, random or fixed positions, rotation index, containable volume)
  • Warehouse mapping (zone, front, column, floor)
  • Warehouse zone and compartment typing
  • Fixed/variable map management
  • Rotary/continuous inventory with stock availability calculation
  • Management of optimizing functions: compacting, refilling routes, lowering
  • Printing labels for locations
  • Lot traceability management
  • Management of items / locations by lot and expiration date and compliance with FIFO, LIFO, EFO, LEFO logics
  • Management of items with free / fixed positions / within constraints
  • Quarantine management / locked lots / quality control
  • Single and multi-item Udc
  • Picking reintegration
  • Internal displacements
  • Unplanned inventory adjustments (breakage / customer returns)


  • Kanban Management
  • Production Lots
  • Cross Docking
  • Parts unloading
  • Returns from production
  • Assembly management (Kits)
  • Variant Management
  • Stock code management
  • Machine time declaration
  • Missing parts management

Picking and Shipping

  • Link with commercial/production management
  • Definition of picking requests by simulation using automatic reporting on the service obtained
  • Automatic generation of picking missions
  • Optimal definition and simulation of picking logics (single order/groupage)
  • Refilling by subscort
  • Foiling management for massive picks
  • Activity simulation for resource commitment (job balance)
  • Progress control of picks
  • Pick and Pack
  • DDT Management
  • Shipping Manifest Management
  • Control over picking
  • Automatic generation of statistics for both bulk picks and individual orders
  • Preparation for pallet orders
  • Packing list prints

Control and Statistics

  • Productivity analysis
  • Activity progress monitoring
  • Operator performance monitoring
  • Exception monitoring

Add on

WMS Analytics

Business intelligence 

To never lose control of data.

WMS Analytics provides instant visual analysis of warehouse data and performance.

It is a fast, simple, intuitive and effective tool.

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Billing for logistics services

Billing makes it possible to calculate invoices to be issued as a result of logistics services performed, thanks to the management of price lists.

Designed for logistics operators, Billing allows management of price lists that are diversified by customer and validity date. The module manages the information in its own database and connects to the StockSystem database to retrieve the information needed to value the service.

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Volumetric weight

Volumetric weight calculation

Being able to know exactly the weight and volume of the transport, right from the receipt of the order by the customer, is an important advantage that allows to greatly optimize the organization and reduce costs.

With StockSystem WMS, integrated with a multifuction scale, this is just a click away! If then the WMS is also integrated with the TMS, you can immediately choose the best means and organize time and operations more efficiently.

Starting with the detection of weight and volume of each item and its package, StockSystem automatically calculates:

  • the composition of the pallet;
  • the number of layers of the pallet;
  • the size and final weight of the pallet.

In order to have all the data available to determine:

  • the best warehouse allocation in receiving and storage;
  • the most appropriate handling means and picking route;
  • time, volume and weight for shipping and transportation.


Customs Warehouse Management

Dogana® is the Customs Warehouse Software of the SMA.I.L:)  SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS platform for the management of tax, customs and VAT warehouses.

It is the ideal solution for companies that need to manage tax/customs warehouse accounting in-house, to send telematic registers and tax/customs documents, to issue transport documents (DDT, DAA, XAN, CO, EUR1, EU) and track goods in the warehouse according to their customs and tax status.

It is specifically for companies that import and export goods with EEC and ExtraCEE origin and for 3PLs that deal with integrated logistics for their international clients.

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