Enterprise Resource Planning

The ERP management solution of SMA.I.L:) SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS platform, quick to implement and easy to use, that enables the management and connecting of sales, purchases, operations, accounting and warehouse.

The ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (ex Dynamics NAV) is ideal for small and medium-sized enterpriss looking to broaden their horizons in an innovative and secure way, mantaining flexibility and creativity in their operation.

Viticultural Companies

Integrated vertical solution that covers the specific needs of the wine industry from grape entry to finished product fulfillment.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 covers the typical fiscal needs of this industry.

Hardware industry

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 offers flexibility and scalability to the needs of the hardware industry.



Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 is a modular, flexible and intuitive solution that offers a wide range of fully integrated functions for the automation of business processes. It is designed to simplify and slim down the whole organization of business processes and help enterprises gain more control, increase margins, and support profitable growth, also in international contexts.

Replica Sistemi is partnered with Companial, the widest and most rapidly growing international net of Microsofot Dynamics partners.

It offers support to its its partners - retailers and ISV - through services aimed at increasing turnover, reducing costs and improving profitability.

Companial is an official Distributor for Microsoft Dynamics. It currently provides assistance to over 1,000 partners in 75 countries.

Replica Sistemi developed 365 Suite App, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 add-on certificate that complements and amplifies the management performance.

It also developed:

  • 365 WINE APP
  • 365 SALES APP
  • 365 DFD APP

Replica Sistemi is partnered with Netronic Software GmbH with VAPS certification.

VAPS: Visual Advanced Production Scheduler.

Partnership between Companial and Replica Sistemi

Companial interview

Simone Manfredini
ERP Project Manager Replica Sistemi

365 Suite App

365 Suite APP includes a series of applications able to amplify the Management Software performance for all business functions: from production to administration, from purchases to sales.

Budgets, Accounting Dates, Treasury, Interim and Analytical Accounting, Customer and Supplier Management, Invoice Control, Assets, Manufacturing, Costs, Commissions and Bonuses, Contracts and Telematics, Advanced Listings... are only some of the functions performed by 365 Suite App

365 Wine App

It's the vertical solution to manage the supply chain in the grape-and-wine industry and of companies that produce and sell wine, agricultural estates, consortia.

All functions, from the vineyard to the table, are integrated in only one space:

  • 365 Wine App allows the complete technical management of cultivation operations, thraceability of all interventions carried put, and the management of orders and contracts.
  • It allows the management and control of activities related to the productive process and to the quality-check within the winery.
  • It handles the logistics of both warehouse and sales, by integration with softwares of the SMA.I.L:) Platform.

365 Sales App

365 Sales App allows to manage the typical activities of Order collection and Sales Statistics consultation.


Logging in their dedicated section, each User has access to the following functionalities:

  • Querying the accounting position of their customers with overdue analysis;
  • Queryng the article catalog, optionally also with timely indication of inventories;
  • Order collection and immediate sending to Head Office;
  • Management and planning of round trips;
  • Prospect database entry activities and complete CRM management.

365 DFD App

DFD 365 App is the application for the management of tax, customs and VAT deposits.

It is the ideal solution for companies that need to manage the accounting of tax/customs deposit internally, in order to send computerized records and tax/customs documents, to issue transport documents (DDT, DAA, XAN, CO, EUR1, EU), and to trace goods in the warehouse according to their custom and tax status.

It is specifically designed for companies that import and export goods of EEC and extra-EEC origin and for 3PLs that manage integrated logistics for their international clients.

Case History

ERP by Replica Sistemi has been chosen by:

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Replica Sistemi presents the integration between the Management software Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Zucchetti's Digital Hub for managing all issues related to elctronic invoicing, digital conservation of tax dpcuments, and information transfer through the interchange system.

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