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Advantages of Replica Sistemi's Applications

  • The ease of integration with management information systems;
  • the efficient management of the entire process of receiving, storing and shipping materials to respond to market demand in a timely manner;
  • the high operational flexibility;
  • the high number of references and installations in this area;
  • the seamless integration of supply chain software applications with all technologies on the market: RFID and Voice;
  • the integration with vertical, horizontal and LGV automated warehouses;
  • cost containment through efficient use and control of operational resources;
  • the perfect traceability/tracking of logistics flows;
  • The ability to support the internationalization process;
  • the management of customs, tax and vat issues.

Typical functionalities of the Sector

  • Sample management.
  • Accessories/fabric and footwear management.
  • Laid/hung garments management.
  • Pattern and Fabric Management.
  • Size, color, season, Made in management.
  • Tone / Bath management.
  • Season Management
  • Gesitone label
  • Clothing specification management (Brand, Season, Class, Style, Fabric, Line).
  • Pattern and color variant management.
  • Management by garment serial number.
  • Volumetric calculation of shipping cartons.
  • Customer box location management for picking.
  • Quality control.
  • Storage of cartons awaiting shipment by manual counting and sorting with scanner, with sorter.
  • Cross-docking management
  • Tracking / Traceability Management.
  • Origin and destination management with possibility to enter specific "constraints".
  • Integration with RFID tags.
  • Management of returns at the end of the season.
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