Receiving Assistance

  • To open an assistance ticket, log on to this portal 
  • Registration is required to access the system, open a report and view your company's active requests.
  • To view instructions for accessing the service portal, log on to this link 

The Assistance Centre is composed of several Portals divided by target area:

  • AS400
  • Custom
  • EasYard
  • Navision 
  • Showtrip - Controller (includes Controller, Delivery, PoD and StockInvoice)
  • Systems and Radio Technicians 
  • Stocksystem

Each Portal (target area) is composed of a series of requests (Service Catalogue) made available for the final user.

Each user can follow the progress of their ticket.

The ticket's progress statuses will be notified to the user who opened it and to the participants. They will, however, always be visible from the portal in the request summary and individual tickets.

Information request

For any questions or information about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.