TMS - Transportation Management System

TMS is the web based software platform of SMA.I.L:) suite SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS for:

  • planning, organisation and optimisation of transport, choice of vehicles and routes,  composition of trips for the distribution of goods
  • delivery confirmation: controls and improves the processes of delivery or eventual collection of returns, as well as their management
  • control, simulation and accounting of transport costs and performance. 


The ARC Advisory Group reports that companies can save an average of 7.2% on costs by implementing a TMS.


A single TMS platform to effectively plan, manage and control complex operations.


A new generation TMS, responsive to changes


TMS shares real-time information and data to improve business logistics and processes efficiency

Workflows Transportation Management System Replica Sistemi
transportation management system Replica Sistemi

Shipments planning

The TMS offers complete and integrated visibility of logistics and distribution flows for:

  • optimisation of delivery trips;
  • management of dynamic routing;
  • automatic detection of optimal routes through its integration with Bing Map;
  • choice of the vehicle and optimal trip composition;
  • choice of the most suitable carrier through trip evaluation based on program coded price lists;
  • maximum flexibility in planning and re-arranging trips, compared to those proposed by the software, in order to adapt it to the carrier's needs;
  • integration with third-party systems (geo-localisation systems, tracking, document filing)

delivery certification

Delivery certification

It handles the delivery hesitation with both Mobile and Paperscan with:

  • visibility and real-time tracking of delivery status
  • reduction of delivery and pickup errors
  • cost savings through greater control in managing reusable assets
  • automatic sending of the DDT PDF to end customers
  • saving DDT on DMS document system
  • reporting the receipt of markings on the Webapp
  • drafting a signature on the mobile phone screen without certification and sending of POD to the customer
  • drafting a signature with certification and sending of POD to the customer:
    - Simple Electronic Signature (FES)
    - Advanced Electronic Signature (FEA)

transport costs control

Transportation costs control

For each shipment you get: 

  • choice of the most convenient carrier on the basis of price scales contracted with carriers
  • valuation of transport costs with automatic price calculation
  • final cost control, analysis and periodic management control of transport costs with automatic data extrapolation
  • generation of pre-invoices for transporters and verification of transporters' invoices
  • ex post simulation with comparison of several different tariffs/carriers.

Digitalizzazione - riduzione della carta

Thanks to the digitisation of documents and digital signatures, the amount of paper documents in circulation can be significantly reduced.

Riduzione emissioni CO2

By choosing faster routes, less polluting vehicles, and calculating the carbon footprint,  CO2 emissions in the air can be reduced.

Calcola la Carbon Footprint

TMS also calculates the "environmental" cost of shipments in terms of CO2 consumption. This data is useful for analysing and measuring the "green" impact of the business, which is also crucial for drawing up the sustainability report.

functionality validation

Our TMS has obtained functionality validation from Fraunhofer IML.

Integrated with the WMS, with a predefined interface, it allows efficient scheduling of transports at any time while checking the progress of orders in the warehouse and tracking via barcodes and handheld mobile devices.

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