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Cab Log, formerly known as Cab, was born in 1983 as an industrial transport enterprise. Since then Cab has experienced a rapid growth, which quickly allowed it to establish itself in the distribution and transportation sector. In 1990, in order to meet the needs of the market in an increasingly efficient and professional way, Cab decided to implement its business by also dealing with warehousing and storage, and in 1995 it also dedicated itself to the distribution sector. As time goes by, more and more companies rely on Cab Log for logistics and distribution, leading the company to establish itself as a reliable partner, capable of offering partnerships on logistics outsourcing projects.

Attentive to market developments and anticipating customers' needs, in recent years Cab Log has specialized in the following sectors: food, beverage, petfood, home & personal care, and spare parts for the mechanical industry. The company is mainly dedicated to serving modern large-scale retail (GD, DO) and organized distribution (GDO) channels, as well as Retail, Bars and specialized markets with petfood.

Cab Log offers its customers state-of-the-art technologies for ancillary warehouse services (thermo-filming, repalletizing, package picking...) and quality standards at the highest level guaranteed by constant KPI audits.

Logistics Experience - Cab Log

Interview to Alberto Giacetti

Company and Brand

Cab Log is a leading national logistics operator.


It is able to provide logistics services in food (dry and temperature-controlled), compatible food, beverages and liquor, household cleaning products, personal care products, pet food and automotive.

The use of state-of-the-art technology and adherence to the highest quality standards have led Cab Log to establish itself as a reliable and flexible partner in logistics outsourcing projects.

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Cab Log provides logistics services to operators who conduct their business through different distribution channels such as: large-scale retail trade (GDO), large-scale distribution (GD), organized distribution (DO) or retail, in general the Grocery world, the specialized market, as well as the Ho.Re.Ca channel, including bars and discos.

The company offers all logistics services related to shipping order planning, reservation management on web and non-web platforms, delivery taxation, reverse logistic, authorized pickups, and special services such as overnight deliveries.

In fact, responsiveness is one of the fundamental characteristics for the company, which is able to intervene promptly in solving the daily criticalities of those who work with recurrences.

The ability to manage in the event of a drastic increase in volumes handled, reduction of lead times, promptness of loads and timeliness of delivery are elements that guarantee continuity even in the presence of volume peaks thanks to specific software for optimizing loads and highly specialized personnel dedicated to monitoring the logistics process.

Standard and special services provided by Cab Log:

  • Excise management - storage and distribution of products under suspension of excise duty
  • E-commerce - development of comprehensive e-commerce solutions
  • Advanced co-packing - special and value-added services
  • Supply chain collaboration - 3PL and 4PL collaborative logistics services
  • Logistics outsourcing - design and implementation of complex logistics projects
  • Warehousing - warehouse management, warehousing, handling
  • Product distribution - nationwide distribution to all channels
  • Industrial transportation - full truck and tractor-trailer primary traction services


  • Noale (VE) - Covered sqm: 60.000
  • Cusago (MI) - Covered sqm: 30.000
  • Marcianise (NA) - Covered sqm: 10.000
  • Pomezia (RM) - Covered sqm: 12.000
  • Albairate (MI) - Covered sqm: 25.000
  • Landriano (PV) - Covered sqm: 30.000
  • Vallese di Oppeano (VR) - Covered sqm: 30.000


  • Bologna (BO)
  • Castiglione D/S (MN)
  • Catania Popoli (PE)
  • S. Giovanni Lupatoto (VR)
  • S. Giorgio in Bosco (PD)
  • Tortona (AL)


  • MI- BA/RM/NA
  • MI - CA
  • VR - NA
  • MI - CT/PA

  • VE - CT/PA
  • TV - RM
  • PE - BA

The continuous change in market needs and the constant evolution of the complexity of the logistics world lead to constant investment in innovation.
For this reason, we considered it essential to promote the total integration of the company's IT system: we are convinced that the implementation of Replica Sistemi's application software is the right lever for improving results both in economic terms and in terms of customer satisfaction with the achievement of previously unthinkable KPI targets.

Renzo Bortolato
CEO Cab Log


Cablog has always managed the movement of goods in its warehouses through manual data entry on the management system; starting in 1999, Cablog felt the need to have a functional operation on both warehousing and transport and to have a secure departmental, capable of guaranteeing complete warehouse management.

It was in 2000 that Cablog obtained control of Nestlè Purina Petcare Italia S.p.A's warehouse at Castiglione delle Stiviere in which StockSystem, the software created by Replica Sistemi for the organization and management of all warehouse logistics processes: goods entry, storage, internal handling, picking and inventory, was already installed.


The Castiglione delle Stiviere warehouse is spread over an area of a total of 50,000 sq. m.: we are talking about a decidedly large warehouse that handles about 60,000 pallet spaces divided into 15,000 drive-ins, 10,000 rows placed on the floor and 35,000 on the shelf. Approximately 500 orders corresponding more or less to 10,000 quintals filled are processed daily from this warehouse. StockSystem manages all Nestle Purina's warehouse activities, from product master file to shipping.

Thanks to the introduction of StockSystem and thus radio frequency, the finished goods warehouse has undergone a marked improvement from how it was before computerization, completely manual, to how it is now, fully automated.

Given the considerable area used for warehousing, 50,000 square meters, a very significant aspect that allowed Cab Log to trust the new StockSystem technology from the very beginning was the complete saturation and optimization of space.

There actually is no unused space inside Nestlè Purina but, at the same time, everything is arranged and ordered according to a logic dictated by the system that allows operators to work in total autonomy and without the normal chaos that can be expected when entering a warehouse of this size.

  • WMS: StockSystem
  • Add-on WMS: SMA.I.L:) Voice
  • Hardware voice: 40 Talkman Vocollect
  • Hand-held hardware: 180 Honeywell 9551

  • TMS: ShoTrip
  • B.W.: Dogana
  • ERP: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

After the positive experience with the Castiglione delle Stiviere warehouse, Cablog confirms that StockSystem is the product that matches its needs and decides to implement it in all other warehouses as well: Dolo, Noale, Belluno, Verona, Milano and Tortona.


  • Performance increase
  • More precision and efficiency
  • Deposits security

  • Flows traceability
  • Error decrease
  • Client service improvement

After a month of analysis and a side-by-side phase of about four months, the first concrete results of the new warehouse management could be seen.

Thanks to its parametric nature, Replica Sistemi's software easily adapted to the warehouse's working method and interfaced with the installed management systems without disrupting the pre-existing support.

Cab Log understood that the part dedicated to transport also had to be organized differently and after a long analysis decided to rely again on Replica Sistemi by introducing ShowTrip, a software dedicated to transport companies entirely developed in a graphic environment and designed for the management of product shipments.

Thanks to ShowTrip, Cablog is now able to:

  • manage delivery orders
  • share information among users
  • group shipments to optimize trips

  • assign the most cost-effective trip to the transportation unit using advanced simulation functions
  • control the operation and issue billing without redundant information.

Replica Sistemi has been our lifelong partner. SMA.I.L:) - SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS is a project wanted, designed and built four-handedly by two entrepreneurs: Renzo Bortolato of Cab Log and Lorenzo Guaschino of Replica Sistemi, who decided to build an ad hoc ERP for logistics operators. We worked on it for two years, and now it is also used in Nestle's warehouse management.

Alberto Giacetti
Information and Communication Technology Manager Cab Log

In 2013 Cab LOg decided to begin an important project of technological revision which aims to create a specialized ERP for managing all services from warehousing to transportation, including full integration with administrative and control services.

Replica Sistemi, through the comprehensive offering of its product portfolio, integrated its products StockSystem and ShowTrip with the accounting of Microsoft Dyanmics NAV, providing Cab Log with a single information system that can manage warehouse, transportation and administration.

Through the years Cab Log has purchased all products of the SMA.I.L:) suite, perfectly integrated to each other.

  • improvement in order picking
  • improvement in workload balancing between the traffic and administrative offices
  • sharp decrease in errors in all activities
  • the increased productivity given by the use of radio frequency has brought significant economic benefits

  • the reduction of empty mileage of owned vehicles
  • greater control of trips and transport staff in compliance with trucking safety regulations
  • Cab Log has been able to adapt the type of management to the customer: a key factor in handling goods from both multinationals and smaller companies

The main benefits we gain from this system are:
- Having a positive impact on the scheduling of future work

- Monitor issues and opportunities in real time with an integrated end-to-end view to know exactly what is happening from the beginning of the process until it is loaded on the truck

- Have immediate performance sharing with the ability to take corrective action within the flow

- Move from a corrective attitude to a proactive attitude aimed at anticipating inefficiencies by improving the process before issues occur.

Marco Porzio
NPP Supply Chain Director of South European Region Nestlè Purina - Cab Log Client

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