EasYard® Yard Management System

EasYard® is the Yard Management System of the SMA.I.L:)

SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS  platform to plan, track and control vehicles and goods entering, stopping and leaving logistics depots and warehouses yards.

EasYard is developed on a Web platform, is parametric software and can be integrated with different field technologies.

What flows does it handle and what are the main functionalities?

In this video tutorial, a panel of Replica Sistemi project managers explain how the software designed for the management and control of vehicles, goods and people entering, stopping and leaving yards works. Integrated with license plate recognition technologies and interactive terminals for vehicle registration and weighing, the software is able to track movements within plants.



Security and efficiency
in every step of the
Supply Chain

Integrated with security management tools for managing automatic access control, body temperature detection and social distancing, it ensures safety and efficiency at all stages of the Supply Chain.
Complete digitization of yard logistics access reduces waiting time for drivers, avoiding queues and gatherings.


Advantages of EasYard 


  • Digitalization of access that reduces drivers' waiting time, costs and avoids paying penalties for long driver stops.
  • Text message alerting of internal resources handling vehicles on the yard to loading/unloading in the warehouse.


  • Visual inspection of vehicles and goods via interactive map and real time graph.
  • Automated access control, body temperature detection and social distancing via integration with security management tools.


  • Optimization of yard logistics flows by synchronizing them with warehouse activities.
  • Meticulous organization of the activities of warehouse operators in charge of vehicle handling by booking loading-unloading time slots.


  • Monitoring the performance of suppliers' and customers' carriers.
  • Detection of inefficiencies and anomalies and development of strategies to reduce errors and recover productivity.

Document digitalization

Digital submission of all transport documents.


  • Suppliers/Customers/Transporters can book themselves for loading/unloading activities in the warehouse on available days/times
  • Booking entry respects work capacity constraints configured on the System
  • Ability to store documentation pertaining to the transportation trip
  • Granular visibility of data to key resources (accounting office, transportation office, etc.)
  • Web Reception as a surveillance portal for direct registration of vehicles showing up at their site gates

  • Integration with presence detection system and automatic recognition: thanks to the provision of devices that enable optical recognition of license plates with raising of the bar, it is possible to automate and speed up check-in and check-out activities at the concierge desk, with "alerts" that warn if accompanying documents are not complete and correct.
  • Upon entry, simply activate the scan of your permit, and if validated EasYard enables the access gate, automatically notifying the internal reference person of entry.
  • With Document Archiving Systems, it is possible to consult and analyze in real time from one's own device the vehicles in the plant, the reason, the documents collected and, if necessary, proceed to blocking on exit.

Yard Management: weighing and sealing management

  • Integration with vehicle weighing systems.
  • The driver badge recognition totem is connected to the printer and automatic vehicle weighing system so that the driver never has to get off the truck, ensuring safety and social distancing.
  • Sealing management: control and management of activities related to outgoing and incoming sealing/sealing.

Supply chain optimization: synchronizing logistics flows from the yard to the warehouse

  • Projection of available and occupied gates within own site
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles within the site: tracking of vehicles through yard map management and loading/unloading gates each movement can be visualized and monitored.
  • Synchronization of yard activities based on the needs of warehouse operations, labor and volumetric loading/unloading capacity.

Through the use of intuitive and effective tools, the Security Management System manages inbound and outbound supply chain and yard logistics with specific features that enable:

  • The management of activities at the bays: the execution of loading/unloading activities can be managed and monitored through the analysis of work progress.
  • The SMS/E-mail Service for direct communication to drivers of actions to be performed:
  • Calling back vehicles to the bays: functionality to call back vehicles to the bays to perform loading/unloading activities;
  • Truck Stopping: functionality for sending vehicles to the yard upstream or downstream of the execution of loading/unloading activities.

Continuous Improvement with the analysis of efficiency KPIs

  • Monitoring of yard logistics flows by synchronizing them with warehouse activities.
  • Reports and Statistics, with specific KPIs, to know the waiting times of vehicles and/or the reliability and punctuality of carriers and for a continuous improvement process by implementing corrective actions to eliminate inefficiencies.

Case History

The Yard Management System by Replica Sistemi has been chosen by

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