Among the technologies that are useful in improving internal logistics is the Drone, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which is a remotely piloted aircraft (APR).

Within a logistics warehouse, the drone could be used to fulfill an important function: inventory.

  • SPEED: The average time for the control of a single storage location - including all actions necessary (e.g. battery change) is 5 seconds.
  • PRECISION: The drone accurately recognizes the barcodes of storage locations and products and creates an extremely accurate picture of both the current and the expected situation. For each location, the drone also takes a photo, allowing the operator to do a subsequent recheck from the workstation if in doubt.

  • SAFETY: Because the drone can move to great heights, neither the stock nor the operator has to be moved to or from great heights, reducing errors and injuries to zero. Throughout the entire process, the drone remains under the constant control and supervision of the pilot, so that inventory can be conducted in parallel with daily warehouse operations.
  • VISIBILITY AND CONTROL: The state of the art and results of the inventory process can be easily monitored in real time. The control center acts as a bridge between the WMS and the drone, giving missions and commands to the drone based on the status of the WMS processes. 

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