Replica Sistemi's software application offerings are distributed by a direct sales network covering all of Italy and Europe and by an indirect network of carefully selected partners.

Replica Sistemi trains its Account Managers in an extremely professional manner: in addition to transferring the main and modern rules of sales, it transmits to them technical and logistical know-how gained over the years and continuously updated by the experience of numerous installations carried out.

Account Managers are therefore qualified professionals who can interact perfectly with the decision makers of prospect companies by knowing how to give 360-degree answers.

Professionalism and trust are the levers that keep customer relationships strong and turn them into stable relationships over time.

Referrals are a successful strategic tool when acquiring new prospects: thanks to the customer satisfaction achieved, it is often our customers who host companies interested in seeing in person and on site the operation of Replica Sistemi's software in their offices.

From the very first meeting, the Account Manager is able to observe and perceive what the prospect's needs are, indicating the possible investment that the company will have to make and also evaluating the timing and methods of installation.

After defining the commercial agreements, the Account Manager interacts with the Project Manager to define in detail the analyses to be carried out, the times and methods of installing and configuring the integrated software and hardware systems, the training, start-up and project lead times and any customizations.

Thanks to the high level of standardization of the software applications and the high level of specialization of the Project Managers, Replica Sistemi guarantees its customers short installation times and timely assistance.

The Project Manager creates together with the Client a working group to define a preparatory plan to achieve the set objectives, developing the Project Report: a document that establishes the configuration interventions and any customizations necessary to meet the functional requirements.

In the analysis phase, specialists from the Technical Staff intervene to define the Site Survey, build the wireless infrastructure, install and configure hardware devices, and integrate all systems.

In the start-up phase of the project, Replica Sistemi's system integrators take care of the training of key users, guaranteeing maximum assistance so that the project can be successfully concluded within the agreed time frame.

The programmers and specialists at the Help Desk are always available to the customer and, at any time, in accordance with the level of service stipulated, are able to provide adequate and timely support to any requests for assistance.

The staff responsible for programming takes care of research and development activities aimed at product improvement, worrying about installing any software application upgrades on Customers' servers, and ensuring regular routine maintenance.

Availability, accuracy and punctuality are also the hallmarks of Replica Sistemi's Administrative structure, which is responsible for managing accounting activities and relations with Customers and Suppliers: cataloging contracts, managing purchases, issuing and recording sales and purchase invoices, and providing administrative assistance.

Seriousness and professionalism are values that Replica Sistemi shares with both its Partners and Customers.

All phases of the relationship with the Customer are supported by specific marketing activities aimed at improving customer satisfaction.

Organizing events, sending questionnaires, mailing activities and telephone recalling are just some of the tools Replica Sistemi uses to be able to keep the discussion and dialogue with its customers alive.

In particular, it establishes cooperative relationships that benefit both from an operational and strategic-business point of view. For example, co-marketing activities are structured together by organizing successful meetings or joint communication campaigns.

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