Introducing the role
of people in Replica

Our strength is a team of more 150 people who, with their different know-how, put experience, creativity and passion at the service of every project. Because every innovation must be imagined, realized and applied by tenacious and competent people.

The Replica Team

Experience, know-how and reliability

A resourceful team to ensure the highest quality at all stages of the report, from initial analysis to project start-up, including software installation and timely support service.

  • Technical skills to analyze the client's work flow and the most suitable design, up to project startup.
  • Marketing skills to improve customer satisfaction and adherence to project timelines.
  • Cross-functional skills to provide ongoing support in software maintenance and management.

Join the Replica Sistemi team, to share and enrich your competence.

Lorenzo Guaschino

Replica Sistemi President

People have always been the real

added value of Replica Sistemi.

Our company places people above any

strategy and business decisions, because we believe that the greatness

of each individual contributes to the success of our business:

each one with their role, with their passion

and with their professionalism.

In stages of organizational change, we train and help our people to grow by enhancing their merits and skills.

Replica Sistemi President

Replica Sistemi Management

Ferruccio Montresor
General Manger
Francesca Guaschino
Sales & Marketing Manager
Francesco Gozzi
Logistics & Transportation Development Manager
Roberta Gradella
Accounting & Finance Manager
Alice Bistaffa
Account Manager Product Specialist

Sales & Marketing Department

Ivan Novellini
Senior Account Manager
Maurizio Ghiselli
Senior Account Manager
Antonino Piroddi
Account Manager South Italy
Stefano Lucchini
Senior Account Manager
Andrea Gerolimon
Export Manager
Giorgio Bonacini
Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Delivery Manager
Silvia Perini
Marketing & Sales
Gloria Bellini
Marketing & Communication

Technical Department

Federica Ferretti
Sales & Purchasing Specialist
Michele Galletto
Hardware Account Manager
Luca Santoni
Service & Support Hardware Manager
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