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Advantages of Replica Sistemi's Applications

  • The ease of integration with management information systems;
  • The efficient management of the entire process of receiving, storing and shipping materials to respond to market demand in a timely manner;
  • the high operational flexibility;
  • the high number of references and installations in this area;
  • the seamless integration of software applications with all technologies on the market: RFID and Voice;
  • the integration with diversified warehouse structures: cantilever, pallet rack, flatbed, vertical, horizontal and LGV warehouses;
  • the ability to manage warehouses with different characteristics: retail, wholesale and counter warehouses;
  • the ability to handle extremely inhomogeneous material (fuses, electrical cables, cable reels, poles, etc.);
  • cost containment through efficient use and control of operational resources;
  • the traceability/tracking of logistics flows;
  • The ability to support the internationalization process.

Typical functionalities of the Sector

  • Detection and traceability of incoming/outgoing freshmen.
  • Piece size management.
  • Cable cutting management.
  • Coil management.
  • Kit management.
  • Packing list management.
  • Minibatch, bulk and urgent pickup management.
  • Kanban management with automatic request to supplier.
  • Management of spare parts, reverse logistics and WEEE.
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