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Antonio Capaldo Spa

Hardware & Plumbing

The company was founded in 1935 in Atripalda, where it retained its registered office until July 2013, when the registered office was merged with the operations office in Manocalzati.

In 1984 the only operational headquarters was moved to the neighboring territory of the municipality of Manocalzati, in a newly built complex consisting of two large warehouses with an office building and large parking lots.

Subsequent expansions carried out in the years 1992-1994 and 2000-2001 made it possible to reach the current size of the complex, which stands on a property area of about 80,000 square meters within which buildings for more than 40,000 square meters covered continue.

The need to rationalize and strengthen the company's logistics prompted the realization of an automated plant: and so in the years 2006-2009, a set of warehouses capable of housing goods for a total volume of 400,000 cubic meters was built in the Avellino Industrial Nucleus - Santorelli locality - on a property area of about 70,000 square meters.

The automated warehouse dedicated to pallets holds as many as 40,000 and is 33 meters high. Similarly, over the years, the range of goods has been enriched. To the initial and classic "Hardware and Colors " soon were added " plate glass " ( long since discontinued ) and then other product categories.

Integrated technologies:

Logistics Experience - A. Capaldo

Interview with Sergio Capaldo

A. Capaldo SpA

A. Capaldo SpA Numbers


A. Capaldo Spa, founded in Atripalta (AV) in 1935, is the current Italian leader in the distribution of hardware tools, building products, garden furniture etc.








In 2005 there were 18,000 catalog items ranging from small parts to bulky items supplied by more than 1,000 domestic and foreign suppliers for a total handling of 600 TEUs/year.

Approximately 200 deliveries were processed daily to a total of over 3,000 active customers who were also guaranteed repair service. Storage was done in the traditional way and warehouse management was with "pen and paper."

The main issues were:

  • complex warehouses with widely varying product types;
  • diversified warehouses:
  1. two retail warehouses totaling 10,000 square meters for picking and wholesale;
  2. a 40,000-square-meter warehouse for picking and proximity stock;
  3. a warehouse with 40,000 pallet spaces for off-season stock and material reserve;
  4. an 8,000-square-meter warehouse for stock management;
  • operational inefficiencies in the warehouse;
  • research into software solutions for managing all warehouse activities.


Capaldo's Executive Management became aware of some warehouse operational inefficiencies and, after careful software selection, decided to entrust the StockSystem warehouse management system with the management of all operational and decision-making activities.

The company then implemented the StockSystem solution in the standard version, with RF terminals that enables real-time data transmission to the warehouse management system. Logistics operators work efficiently using RF (Radio Frequency) terminals interfaced with remote Access Point repeaters.

The goals were:

  • growth: in terms of both the number of references handled and volumes;
  • reduction of errors;
  • increased productivity and reduced lead time;
  • increased operational flexibility (management of customizations);
  • real-time handling and "everywhere" information;
  • certainty of timing and operators;
  • timely management of replenishment between warehouses;
  • timely management of replenishment between locations in the same warehouse;
  • real-time warehouse queries;
  • traceability of materials;
  • efficiency in the use of warehouse space;
  • simplifications in rotating inventory management.

StockSystem initially interfaced with the AS/400 ERP already in use by the company and having noted the professionalism of the Replica Sistemi team decided to change partners for the information system and rely on Replica Sistemi for ERP management as well.

The relationship with Replica Sistemi is really good, also because of the Customer Service Department's support for full-scale operation and after-sales support, both on the warehouse management system Stocksystem and on the management system. We are well satisfied: they have correctly implemented all the software part for automated warehouse management.
Sergio Capaldo
General Direction A. Capaldo

  • ERP: Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • WMS: StockSystem
  • Add-on WMS: SMA.I.L:) Voice
  • Add-on WMS: SMA.I.L:) Pick2LightAIR

  • Vocal Hardware: 70 voice terminals Talkman T5 and A500
  • Hand-held Hardware: 99  Honeywell hand-held terminals 9550 and 15 Zebra MC92N0
  • 30 Bluetooth Printers Zebra QL320
  • 101 Speedy Pick Air Displays

As a market leader, we could only meet with Replica Sistemi, which is a market leader in logistics software.

Sergio Capaldo

General Direction A. Capaldo

My staff, together with Replica Sistemi employees, working shoulder to shoulder, made it possible to achieve all the results we set out to achieve.

Sergio Capaldo

Direzione Generale A. Capaldo

First phase

The first phase lasted one year: from 2005 to 2006. Two work teams were created-one for the implementation of StockSystem and one for the transition of AS/400 management.

"The work team, as far as StockSystem was concerned, was coordinated directly by me," explains Sergio Capaldo, "while for the current management component I had overall project direction. The project started with the identification of an internal figure who had excellent knowledge of warehouse operations, ease in finding information in the company, familiarity with the use of a PC, decision-making power and ability to involve managers and warehouse operators. Very dense meetings were held with these operators, especially in the last month before installation. Testing of each individual function was carried out on an updated DB. The rollout took place on January 14, 2006. The system continues to be expanded with several innovative functions activated in the field."

Second Phase

In the second phase, Capaldo implemented automated warehouse management; initially, a "pen and paper" type of management was still maintained, then it was switched to fulfillment with RF terminals, and since 2008, voice management (Voice Picking) has been activated in the new automated warehouse.

Since July 2007, a silo facility has also been in operation with stacker cranes that travel the aisles of the static warehouses, placing or picking pallets or different logistics units, all automated. More than 40,000 pallets and over 100,000 totes can be stored in this facility.

"The implementation was studied with the analysts from Replica Sistemi, with whom no problems emerged, in fact I must admit that every little innovation we wanted to implement was taken up. I reiterate that I am very satisfied with their support, also because I always get an answer to any kind of need."

Third Phase

In the third phase, Capaldo implemented end-of-line pick-to-light to make end-of-line sorting of goods in automated warehouses more accurate and faster, integrated with Voice technology.

In 2018 it also chose to replace ERP A400 with ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV, again relying on Replica Sistemi for better integration of the entire information system and all business processes.

  • Increased productivity of rows processed daily by 70%
  • Reduced picking errors by 95%

  • We reduced errors: 1 for every 10,000 rows processed
  • Finally, lead time was reduced by 30%.
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