Autonomous mobile robots are designed to improve productivity in logistics and manufacturing operations. Thanks to sophisticated programming technology, scanners and cameras, they are able to make optimal decisions, eliminating human error and the need for numerous inventory checks. This results in shorter, more responsive workflows with fewer errors, significantly increasing competitiveness and safety.

These robots, which are currently the latest trend in logistics, are already in use in several production fields and logistics environments worldwide. They are safe, adaptable, and easy to use, making the automation of internal logistics simpler than ever not only for large multinationals but also small and medium-sized companies.

AMRs use Artificial Intelligence to learn routes and automatically adapt to the warehouse environment.


AMRs are crucial for transporting pallets and trailers within warehouses. They simplify internal logistics by efficiently navigating the warehouse and handling heavy loads.  

The primary objective is to transport materials, and there are many possibilities to optimize processes and workflows

Adaptability ensures that the robots can be installed in already existing environments without any changes to the structure layout, ensuring a rapid integration period.



AMRs do not just add value to companies by improving efficiency and productivity, they also improve workers conditions. They do not replace jobs, but monotonous and injury-prone tasks during internal transport. Therefore, AMRs create a safer and more satisfying workplace and - as a consequence - logistics workers get time to focus on more valuable tasks. In addition, autonomous mobile robots are extremely easy to use.


  • Frees up limited manpower for value-added tasks;
  • Add AMRs quickly and easily to increase productivity and growth


  • Increase or decrease operations as needed to accommodate changes, growth or processes;
  • There are no fixed routes: AMRs can be quickly adapted to a new route or create a new 'room' in the warehouse;
  • When faced with an obstacle, they can easily find an alternative path


  • AMRs are equipped with laser technology to detect and avoid obstacles all along the way;
  • CE-certified units, AMRs meet health, safety and environmental standards for working with humans;
  • They help reduce accidents with manual forklift trucks


  • Quick implementation (weeks);
  • Lower operating/maintenance costs compared to manual forklifts;
  • Less time and effort for installation compared to traditional automated solutions


  • AMRs are supported by solutions, software and services that help customers get the most out of their investment
  • Improve current operations and offer better service levels to customers

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