Certilogo was born in 2006 and is an authenticator company with a cutting-edge AI-based authentication platform to verify the authenticity of a product in a simple and reliable way.

Today the platform is used by millions of shoppers around the world, in particular it is the most widely adopted by fashion, apparel and luxury brands globally.


Ifin Sistemi created TrustedChain, a private blockchain platform, that allows interfacing with different types of framework of Distributed Ledger, per sviluppare progetti di Long Term Preservation documentale, che colgano tutte le potenzialità della tecnologia blockchain.

The technologies made available to customers enable:

  • Delivery tracking.
  • Process history and supply chain tracking.
  • Geolocation of the asset on an interactive map that, through scanning barcodes or QR codes, displays delivery statistics updated in real time.
  • Complete transparency of process documentation in the supply chain.

Products can be connected at any time. The system recognizes NFC, QR codes, serial codes, and even with third-party serializations. Permanent labels can be used or removable seals applied to products to make implementations counterfeit-proof.

Connected products are enabled for consumer interaction; they can also be used to speed up onerous processes such as investigations and replace costly procedures, such as returns management, and reduce waste.

These technologies also enable improved control of operations by remotely managing online and in-store returns and monitoring the production and distribution chain.

Specific user interfaces can be created according to business function and the full list of consumer interactions activated connected products can be viewed at any time via a dedicated online dashboard.

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