Specialization, quality and reliability

Replica Sistemi is chosen as a strategic partner by its clients because of:
  • the high specialization of its analysts, programmers and technicians;
  • the quality, security and high performance of the implemented solutions;
  • the innovation and ability to increase value over time;
  • the constant attention to the quality of the service provided;
  • the guarantee of reliability and compliance with current regulations.

Planning and analysis

During the design phase of an integrated system, project leaders collect data to perform analyses related to warehouse layout, the type of materials to be handled, entry, storage, picking, and shipping flows, and integrations with the central information system, to define the architecture best suited to achieving the set objectives.

Specifically, the analysis results in the Project Report, a detailed document shared with the client that defines:

  • The configuration of the application environment;
  • any customizations to be made;
  • how to interface with the information system (ERP) and automated systems (automated warehouses, LGVs, etc.).

Any customizations are the result of further functional analyses that are designed specifically to solve specific problems, which are then translated by programmers into standard software application integrations. 

Therefore, there is also continuous analysis and development of applications in order to update and improve product quality.

For detailed hardware analysis, project leaders are supported by the technical staff for definition:

  • of the Site Survey that establishes the placement of access points and identification of radio frequency disturbances, often present in depots, with subsequent issuance of a certification report;
  • Of the detailed elements for the implementation of the network cabling required to support the wireless infrastructure.

A Gantt chart listing the planned activities, establishing their duration, any interdependencies, and the date by which each activity is to be carried out is also shown within the Project Report.

Design, installation and configuration

Replica Sistemi's technical staff provides the necessary support for the design, installation and configuration of hardware devices and wireless infrastructure.

In particular, it is able to:

  • design the infrastructure;
  • configure the Mobile Computers, Handheld Computers, Wearable Computers, Tablets, and label printers;
  • install the servers and clients where the software applications reside;
  • verify the actual wi-fi coverage achieved.

Replica Sistemi, as part of a program aimed at ensuring its customers the safeguarding of information traveling on the wi-fi network, offers a service for the analysis and correction of anomalies through the implementation of the most modern protocols for data security management.

Systemic assistance

The professional figures that make up the structure are resources with consolidated systems experience gained in carrying out Replica Sistemi's activities and capable of performing systems support on local and geographic networks, the main operating systems and the most modern data bases.

The systems staff deals with the configuration of the application environment, in particular:

  • of the installation of network software;
  • of the configuration of network servers and printers;
  • of the installation of Replica Sistemi software with archive integration;
  • of the configuration of connection lines for remote assistance.


Project managers are able to train key users in the use of software applications and the proper use of hardware.

In particular, they deal with CED Pre-training and Area Managers:

  • explanation of software application functionality to employees aimed at system configuration setup;
  • determination of responsibilities for new coding or table entry.

Users training:

  • common training sessions and by affected business sectors, for the remaining procedures aimed at end users of the applications.

At the end of the training and testing activities, the project is started up, ensuring maximum support so that it can be completed successfully and within the agreed time frame.

Information request

For any questions or information about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.