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Logistics & Transportation

In over 65 years of history, Fercam has grown from a small local carrier to one of Europe's Leaders in integrated logistics.


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Logistics & Transport: in one word… DACHSER & FERCAM ITALIA





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In more than 65 years of history, FERCAM has grown from a small local carrier into one of Europe's leading logistics operators: an evolution that started with full-load transport by road and rail, moving through national and international road shipments to air and sea shipments, consolidating through the opening of numerous and vast logistics centers that today represent the flagship of our offer.

Today, FERCAM is a multi-specialized logistics management operator that sees its strength in its ability to invest and adapt flexibly to the evolving needs of businesses.

With the enthusiasm and motivation of thousands of direct and indirect employees, branches throughout Europe and the Mediterranean basin, 897,000 square meters of logistics centers, a large fleet of proprietary vehicles, and state-of-the-art Information Technology solutions, FERCAM is a supply chain company that provides added value to our customers' logistics through direct control of the entire supply chain.

  • Warehouse logistics
  • Customs, tax and excise warehouses

  • E-commerce
  • Value-added services (Co-packing, packaging, WEEE management, etc.)

  • Automotive Sector
  • Hi-Tech Sector
  • Furniture and design sector
  • Retail
  • Fashion and textile sector
  • Chemical and health sector

  • Wine logistics
  • B2C
  • Consumer Goods: FMCG, Food & Beverage
  • Industrial sector
  • Large-scale retail
  • DIY

StockSystem by Replica Sistemi is employed throughout the logistics supply chain. All employees (500 to 600 people) use a radio-frequency terminal and work with StockSystem. StockSystem is a very intuitive system, so within half a day one is able to fully grasp all the features.

Luigi Musolla

Director of Distribution Logistics Division


The logistics operator after using each customer's warehouse information system is faced with multiple solutions on each platform with the following problems:

  • knowledge of the customer system by only selected people;
  • customer management is related to the people who are able to manage the customer's system;
  • inability to use one warehouse for multiple customers;
  • each picking warehouseman operating on multiple customers must use multiple systems and if management is by radio frequency use one terminal for each customer.

A logistics operator's primary need is to standardize its software and hardware platform and create a simple integration on its logistics management system for each customer it manages.

Fercam's choice of StockSystem has enabled it to unify management on the various clients by standardizing procedures and, most importantly, has allowed it to make resources easily interchangeable.


In 2003, Fercam turned to Replica Sistemi for the optimization of its warehouse logistics management processes through the acquisition of StockSystem.

StockSystem is the software created by Replica Sistemi for the organization and management of all warehouse logistics processes: goods entry, storage, internal handling, picking and inventory.

StockSystem uses automatic identification systems based on bar code and RFID tag technologies and voice recognition systems to obtain immediate information regarding the movement of goods, their positioning and the direction of physical flow.

The criteria used in selecting the solution to be adopted were based on the system's ability to meet the following requirements:

  • high parameterization of the system;
  • the system was to, without major intervention, be used for all business areas (thus avoiding limiting the potential of the business area);
  • simple integration mode;
  • the system had to allow IT resources to easily create the interfaces necessary to connect to various customer information systems.

Major national and European market players participated in the selection.

  • Analysis for the creation of a standard platform model.
  • Layout analysis of the first warehouse.
  • Analysis typology of materials to be managed.
  • Flow and process analysis.

  • Defining ways of integration with central information system.
  • Initiation of picking and shipping procedures.
  • Analysis of results and process optimization.

  • WMS: StockSystem
  • Module: StockVoice

  • B.W: DFD Dogana

Achieved results:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Decreased time for picking, inspection and goods storage.
  • Decreased margin of error.

  • Reduction of logistics management costs. 
  • Standardization of procedures across platforms.
  • Standard integration to customer information systems.

Staff training and reactions to new applications

The first implementation was relatively challenging (two months) as the study was not limited to satisfying the management issues of a single customer but to analyzing and defining the model to be followed for all platforms. This allowed Fercam to use StockSystem on more than 70 customers with different management types and business sectors.

Platform personnel have welcomed the ability to have one management for multiple customers.

The sales area also welcomed the possibility of being able to propose the logistics service without taking too much into account the customer's IT management issue.


The activation of StockVoice in several warehouses: the Voice Picking voice system allows, with the use of Voice terminals (Talkman), direct dialogue with the management system through voice. In this way, the operator can manage logistics operations while working freely with hands and eyes free.

In fact, during picking operations, operators receive instructions, confirm the correctness of their work, and report errors simply by talking and listening to StockSystem through a headset, microphone, and a lightweight, compact terminal strapped to their belts.

The DFD Custom module, for logistics management of:

  • customs warehouse, for non-Community goods under suspension of customs duties and for Community goods
  • provided for in the current regulations of the Community Customs Code (CCC).
  • tax warehouse, for domestic and Community goods under suspension from excise duty
  • VAT warehouse, for domestic and EU goods under suspension from value-added tax.

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