Controller® Software for controlling transportation costs

Controller® is the web based software of SMA.I.L:)

for controlling, simulating and accounting for transportation costs and performance.

It is particularly suitable for companies that use third-party operators to ship goods and want to control transportation costs and related performance related to multi-track (road, sea, air, and rail) and/or multi-supplier shipments.

Thanks to the evaluation of the final costs of managed trips, based on system-configured price lists, it is possible to compare and analyze which carriers may be the most cost-effective for the trips taken.

Controller obtained the TMS validation by Fraunhofer IML within the functionalities of the Delivery product package for 2022.

Integrated to the WMS, with a predefined interface, it allows to efficiently plan trasportations in any moment and simultaneously to control the progress of orders in the warehouse and tracking them trough barcode and handheld mobile devices.


Timely checkup
of trasportations costs

Controller® is able to:

  • automatically calculate fares based on price lists contrattualized with carriers,
  • handle incidental costs based on the specific conditions defined with each carrier,
  • simulate the costs of a shipment in order to find the most convenient solution.


  • Cost evaluation before the arrival of the carrier invoice 
  • Reduction of manual labour
  • Reduction of control time
  • reduction of costs
  • Increase in productivity
  • Precise final analysis of carriers' costs and double company-carrier control


  • Possibility to autonomously  enter new  price lists
  • Possibility to create constraints on the choice of transport, also related to eventual arranged discounts based on the number of trips carried out on a specific route
  • Automated management of anomalies


  • Real-time display of the costs of transports carried out up to that moment
  • Data history that allows to process reports and generate efficiency KPI
  • Information share with carriers, which over time improves partnership relations between companies
  • Cooperation: multiple users, with different roles and access rights, have access to information about trips and costs.

It performs evaluation, analysis and periodic control of transportation cost, automatically extrapolating data and generating pre-invoices for carriers and/or verification of carriers' invoices.

For the same trip, it compares fares from multiple contracted carriers and proposes two alternatives:
- the most economically convenient carrier;
- a list of compatible carriers, in order of price, letting the transport manager choose the preferred option.

It performs a simulated evaluation too, in order to compare multiple price lists based on archived data.
This way, it is possible to verify the future convenience of new contract conditions or of new potential transport suppliers, comparing them with archived data.

In case the fares contracted with carriers don't include certain routes and/or conditions, Controller can manage these trips by finding carriers in the address book and sending them spot offers.

Increased transparency on freight costs: rapid web access to all centrally stored information

Automation and rapidity in assigning processes with consequent reduction of manual procedures

Increased supplier control

  • Storing and sharing contracts and structured data.
  • Management of transport tracking in order to mantain constant and precise monitoring of the received service (KPI): punctuality, delays, availability, and so on.
  • Record of exceptions (load leads/lags, extra costs, anomalies, and so on).
  • Simulation of transportation costs in the record, to check newly applied conditions during updates and new price list proposals.

  • Record of monthly costs and budget.
  • Creation of statistics and reports.
  • Simplified and automated invoice control

Time and costs reduction

  • Reduction of invoice and paperwork control time by detecting accessory costs for extra transport.
  • Reduction of low-added-value activities: data entry, phone calls, and so on.
  • Reduction of costs by choosing the most cost-effective fare
  • Optimization of delivery trips

Flow management

TMS Controller® Flows

The TMS Controller® allows you to memorize contract conditions, to reduce errors and decrease invoice control time, to simulate transport cost based on destination and carrier, and to create statistics with precise data, thus increasing transparency.

Carriers contract terms

TMS Controller® builds a stable company archive of each user through:

  • memorizing contract terms regarding transportation costs;

  • projections of minimum invoices, custom fees, stops, extra deliveries;
  • terms management by route, by kilometer range, and by quantity/weight/volume bands.

Simulations and Quotes

TMS Controller® performs simulations of each service to detect the most competitive suppliers; it provides a targeted report of comparisons and data to link with control management or towards the most popular Decision Support Systems (DDS).

TMS Controller® offers:

  • Memorization of preventive quotes
  • Possibility of simulation, as the service provider decides the most convenient route

Pre-invoice issuing

TMS Controller® manages and controls events and states of progress. Host settings and web applications are available to enter data remotely. WI-FI, GPRS, GPS, BLUETOOTH technologies are all available for tracing.

TMS Controller® enables:

  • control by the sender, the receiving customer, and the ordering customer (in case of external logistics), of transit points, order status, actual goods in delivery, prepared delivery units, volumes, and weights;
  • management of pallets/rolls/crates;
  • package traceability, from the warehouse to the loading of the vehicle, up to the confirmation of successful delivery by detecting the package ID during each phase;
  • Vehicle traceability through timed transmission of the vehicle position, made possible by GPS communication of geographical coordinates, sent by the handheld terminal installed on the vehicle.

TMS Controller® provides online information to:

  • the sending customer, the recipient;
  • the ordering customer, in case of external logistics.

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