Delivery Management System

Delivery® is the Software for Delivery Planning of the Platform SMA.I.L:) SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS for planning, organizing and optimizing transportation, choosing vehicles and routes, planning trips for the distribution of goods.

Delivery obtained the TMS validation from Fraunhofer IML for 2022.

Integrated to the WMS, with a pre-defined interface, it allows in any moment to efficiently plan transports and simultaneously control the progress states of orders in the warehouse and track them through barcodes and mobile devices.

Delivery allows traceability because it plans shipments and controls the progress state of orders in the warehouse.

Delivery offers RTV traceability

RTV, Real Time Visibility, means complete and integrated visibility of logistic and distribution flows, which allows:

  • optimization of delivery trips;
  • management od dynamic routing;
  • automatic detection of optimal routes, through its integration with Bing Map;
  • choice of the vehicle and optimal trip composition;
  • choice of the most suitable carrier through trip evaluation based on program coded price lists;
  • maximum flexibility in planning and re-arranging trips, to adapt the default plan proposed by the software to the carrier's needs;
  • integration with third-party systems (geo-localization systems, tracking, document filing).

Through the App drivers can only see their assigned trips. Trips can be:

  • To be accepted: trips waiting to be managed. 
  • Accepted: driver accepted the assigned trip. 
  • Started: trips in progress or not filed as "completed" yet. 
  • Completed: driver confirmed the delivery

Outcomes and anomalies can be declared for each stop (loading/unloading stops) during the trip.

Drivers can declare the stop outcome by choosing from a parameterized list of both header and row outcomes.

Annotations and pictures that certify the stop outcome can be added in too.

Automatic alerts are sent to customers and internal staff with updates on the delivery status.

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Replica Sistemi's software for planning shipments and deliveries

Reverse Logistics

Management, collection and certification of returned goods

The increasing popularity of e-commerce causes returning processes to increase rapidly, creating logistical issues for the vendor.

Returning is part of the purchase process for customers; it's a service that vendors must be able to guarantee in fixed time and modalities.

To simplify things, it is essential to use digital tools that help to:

  • record returns and their reasons;
  • automate the pickup and inspection process;
  • optimize the processing of returns to the warehouse to see if the item can be repackaged and placed in storage or disposed of as waste.

Thanks to the integration with the StockSystem WMS, in case of returns during delivery (due to failure of the end customer to collect the goods), a return note is immediately created and sent electronically to the customer; at the same time, the warehouse stock is also updated.

Delivery and Proof of Delivery enable REAL TIME VISIBILITY (RTV) to plan and certify the collection of any returns from customer to return goods to the warehouse.

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Delivery - SMA.I.L:) - optimizes, plans and traces shipments

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