13 February 2024

Replica Sistemi's TMS: planning shipments, certifying deliveries and controlling transportation costs

Replica Sistemi - Zucchetti presents its new TMS version for planning shipments, certifying deliveries and controlling transportation costs.

The new web-based software presents itself with renewed and attractive graphics.

The many new activated functions make the product more efficient for all companies that need to organise the dispatch of goods and products to their customers, starting from orders aggregation, based on trips composition, taking into account traffic-restricted zones, loading/unloading times, etc.

Schermata di Pianificazione delle spedizioni

Planning your trips

For each composition, the system is able to calculate the optimal trip, the suitable means of transport (also chosen according to environmental sustainability criteria) and, if necessary, to identify the most convenient carrier by comparing multiple rates previously agreed with the carriers which collaborate with the company.

Once the journey and the carrier have been established, it is possible to directly communicate the information to the carrier and then send a letter of assignment with the references to access the customer/supplier plant and book the goods loading/unloading time.

Certifica la consegna

Certifying deliveries

The trip composition is dynamic, i.e., it can be automatically updated if the shipment is delayed or if new variables (such as new orders, traffic, unforeseen events) arise.

In this case, the customer is immediately and automatically notified (via email or SMS) of the change in delivery time and method.

At any time, the transport office is able to monitor the shipment status in real time, as the driver is asked to confirm the delivery (confirmation and/or possible return) simply by using his smartphone.

Controllo dei costi di trasporto

Monitoring costs

Considering the administrative point of view, it is always possible to calculate and monitor transport costs, to attribute the precise analytical value to each individual shipment, which also makes it possible to identify the end-to-end margin of each customer.

At the same time, the data historicisation not only monitors both level and value of the transport service, but is also able to pre-invoice carriers, and automate the invoice check itself with enormous savings in time and effort.

Integrations and KPIs

The TMS software can be integrated with both ERP and WMS (Warehouse Management System) as well as YMS (Yard Management System) for a complete management of the entire supply chain.

The shared data also allows KPIs and statistical analyses to be processed in order to identify inefficiencies and the best performing carriers.

Greener transportation

The entire management can also be optimised and accounted from a "green" point of view of environmental sustainability.

As a matter of fact, thanks to the digitisation of documents and the calculation of the carbon footprint, it is possible to organise shipments while recovering efficiency on the environmental impact of transport along the entire supply chain.

SMA.I.L:) SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS - software suite Replica Sistemi - Zucchetti

The TMS completes the offer of SMA.I.L:) - SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS, which now has a brand new graphic design encompassing its three main products:

a complete software suite that manages logistics and transport by linking production, 3PL, transporters and distribution, i.e. the entire supply chain!

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