04 March 2024

Innovating is looking beyond appearances

Replica Sistemi - Zucchetti has started a collaboration with bee.4 Altre Menti, the first social enterprise within Bollate prison, which has been providing contact center services with a professional and cutting-edge infrastructure for over 10 years. The goal is to enhance customer service by employing trained operators who promptly address support tickets and gather necessary information to resolve issues.
Collaborazione di Replica Sistemi - Zucchetti con bee.4 Altre Menti

Replica Sistemi - Zucchetti is collaborating with bee.4 Altre Menti

Ludovico Zuffinetti, a young Replica Sistemi’s Project Manager, got to know the cooperative bee.4 Altre Menti during a company visit to the prison, organised by the Politecnico di Milano MBA, which he attended after graduating in engineering.
He was deeply impressed by the organization's technical infrastructure and the professionalism of its operators, and, as a result, he proposed to Replica Sistemi's management a collaboration with this reality.

His enthusiasm was contagious: “I am deeply impressed by the social impact that bee.4 is having on the inmates’ life.

I am an engineer, so I love numbers. An inmate who does not work has a recidivism rate of 75%. This is lowered to below 10% if he has a realistic work and re-educational opportunity”

After meeting Francesco Panzeri, Company’s Co-Founder and Administrator together with Giuseppe Cantatore, and visiting the area dedicated to the contact center inside the Bollate prison, Replica Sistemi’s management decided to collaborate with bee.4.

In this structure – which is perfectly organised and equipped to work with dignity and to offer a cutting-edge service – work more than 100 inmates. 

Replica Sistemi’s mission is to innovate its products in order to improve not only the supply chain management but also the worker’s management.

With bee.4, new goals were born, such as offering a better customer care service and contributing to the aim of giving people living in prison the possibility to improve their lives by acquiring a new dignity, learning and having a new perspective for their future

Constantin's testimony

“I am learning how to manage calls and customers’ requests. I feel that I am being treated as an equal and this represents a drive towards life, for me. Thanks to the experience with Replica Sistemi, I am also finding suggestions for an essay I am currently writing for my economics studies at university." – states Constantin.

Giovanni's testimony

Giovanni already had e-skills and could find in prison a way to fill the days by giving lessons to other inmates and creating canvas pictures, which were awarded on several occasions.

This new customer care job for Replica Sistemi has changed his perspective: “I do love Mondays mornings, because a new workweek is about to start. I have always tried to keep myself busy, but this job is giving me the concrete possibility of making ends meet not only for me here in prison, but also for my family. I really like this job and I am so happy of this opportunity with bee.4.” 

In more than 10 years, the Cooperative has developed a higher know how in managing contact center activities. Indeed, the Cooperative’s members are trained, capable and competent people, with something more: not only do they have technical skills, but also the capacity of training and motivating people

They do know how to inspire, how to transmit the value of every single activity, they are capable of opening the minds of those who had the jail cell as only horizon for a very long time and of those who would never have imagined receiving such a professional service from someone who has had a final conviction for criminal offences.

Giacomo Scaratti, Head of Application Management service, who is in charge of Constantin and Giovanni’s technical training together with Ludovico Zuffinetti and supported by Giada, Team leader bee.4, stated with satisfaction: “I am enthusiastic about the project we are working on, since this service was missing in our company. Now, we gained the customer’s full satisfaction. When he opens a ticket, he is immediately contacted by us, and this allows to quickly take charge of the request.

Francesca Guaschino, Managing Director Replica Sistemi, after the onbording activity for the new collaborators inside the prison, promised: “We’ll come back in a few months because we want to see the progress of our activity. 
I must thank bee.4 because today I met, got to know and learnt to look toward… Other Minds (*Altre Menti)!"

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