30 November 2023

Important product innovation on the SMA.I.L:) platform

The WMS StockSystem has been upgraded to Infinity, and the TMS has undergone a makeover.

These are the primary improvements in the SMA.I.L.:)- SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS platform:


Replica Sistemi unveiled StockSystemInfinity in 2023 as the latest iteration of its warehouse management system, developed on Zucchetti’s Infinity platform.

Following its incorporation into the Zucchetti Group in 2019, the company decided to study and design a new evolution of the StockSystem product, investing in the Infinity platform.

The product has been thoroughly tested and is functional. In the current year, twenty new clients spanning various product sectors in both production and distribution have adopted it.

interfaccia grafica

An extensive analysis was conducted on the software usage on the users’ side, to create a new, functional, appealing and contemporary graphical interface, with an emphasis on colours and icons that are more intuitive and appropriate for their respective functions.

In addition, this includes crucial incorporations with advanced technologies that will enhance warehouse operations and render logistics work less strenuous, more resourceful, cooperative, and captivating.

This year, the latest product was showcased to all StockSystem clients through incredibly prosperous virtual events.


In particular, the EasYard Yard Management System, capable of planning and tracking the entry, stoppage, and exit of all vehicles, goods, and individuals in company yards and plants, has been enhanced with significant product plusses due to collaborations with new clients, such as:

EasyApp: a cross-platform application designed to manage a company’s plant operations;

Multilingual virtual totem which can be accessed via smartphones, allowing drivers to communicate their personal data and arrival at the plant without leaving their vehicle;

easyard e funzionalita

Activation of safety course for drivers accessing the plant for the first time on both physical and virtual totems;

Sending plant maps via SMS to the driver;

Internal communication of vehicle arrival, distinguishing between the different company actors responsible for receiving a vehicle (concierge, warehouse, incoming material quality control, administration);

Integration with manual or semi-automatic vehicle weighing systems, ensuring data certification and sharing with administrative systems.

On the other hand, with regard to Controller, the software for managing transport costs and simulating journeys with integrated tariffs in order to select the most suitable carrier, customers have highlighted the benefit of having constant access to valuable data, enabling them to allocate the exact transport costs to each individual shipment.

The use of certain analytical data, shared with information systems and business intelligence software, results in two additional benefits:

- being able to calculate the end-to-end margin for every client and strategically determine how to offer an even more bespoke service;

- improving relationships with carriers and potentially forming strategic partnerships that can also result in service quality certifications.

In response to market demands, Controller now features the Carbon Footprint function, which calculates the ecological expenses of shipments. This data is valuable for analysing and measuring the environmental impact of the business and is essential for compiling the sustainability report.

The market environment, advancing technology, and customer demands are providing valuable inputs to our development team for further functionality and product integration planning, product integrations (e.g. mobile robot) that are currently being tested and will soon be ready for implementation.

The goal is to apply acquired knowledge to research and introduce ground-breaking solutions that enhance the efficiency of individuals employed in logistics and transportation. This will lead to a tangible competitive edge and increase in profitability for businesses.

At the start of 2024, Replica Sistemi expects to launch other important software innovations on the market. The purpose of innovation is to form a virtuous cycle aimed at constant advancement to be presented to clients.

Whenever, wherever, WORK WITH SMA.I.L:) !

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