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SDA Express Courier

Logistics & Transportation

SDA Express Courier (formerly Italia Logistica) is born from the union between SDA Logistica (SDA Express Courier - Gruppo Poste Italiane) and Omnia Logistica (FS Logistica - Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato), which put their experience together to create this great enterprise. It's a company that wants to bring significant change in the fields of integrated logistics, multimodal transport and document management.

Thanks to the combined experience and reliability of the two original groups, SDA offers a wide range of services with high added value, and through the help of evolved information systems they are able to satisfy any need: from integrated logistics to overseas transport, from staging to retail/large distribution delivery, not to mention e-procurement, binding, technical courier.

SDA Express Courier can count on a widespread network that covers the entire national territory, composed of 22 logistic platforms (200,000 sqm) and a daily road network.

SDA Express Courier

The numbers of SDA Express Courier


SDA Express Courier – part of the Poste Italiane Group – was born in  1984 and stands as a leading Italian company for logistics and BtoB distribution management, offering a wide range of services to cater to any shipment request: from standard express services, to integrated logistics ones, from technical couriers to technological solutions for e-commerce.






  • 8,000 squared meters of covered surface
  • 10,500 available pallet spots
  • around 1,600,000 packages sent per year
  • over 2,000,000 orders executed per year 


  • 2,000 squared meters of dedicated surface
  • 770,000 packages sent per year
  • 292,000 orders executed per year
  • 600,000 order lines executed per year

The relationship with Replica Sistemi is great, also because of their assistance service. What we appreciate about Pick2LightAIR is that the displays can be placed anywhere, both on shelves and on mobile carts. Sorting goods during the reception phase has become faster and more precise: with displays lighting up in and stating the exact quantity to be placed in each box, mistakes are impossible.

Cristian Ciaburri

Plant Manager SDA Express Courier


In 2009 Italia Logistica's management (later acquired by SDA Express Courier) implemented Replica sistemi's Stocksystem WMS to improve the management of their deposits. Later they upgraded to the new version and implemented the add-on StockVoice too.

In 2015 they decided to integrate the Pick2LightAIR (picking light) technology to speed up sorting, stocking and pick&pack activities.


La gamma di prodotto trattata è estremamente varia sia in termini di valore unitario sia di volumetria: con articoli catalogabili in consumabili e voluminosi.

Esistono articoli che possono avere una scadenza e quindi vanno gestiti con metodo FIFO.

The product range is extremely varied, both in terms of unitary value and of volumes: items are catalogued in consumables and bulky.

  • WMS: StockSystem
  • Add-on: SMA.I.L:) Voice
  • Add-on: SMA.I.L:) Pick2LightAIR

  • Hand-held Hardware: 12 terminals Honeywell and 2 Terminals Motorola
  • Voice Hardware: 4 terminals Vocollect T5
  • Light Hardware: 132 Displays Pick2Light


On entry, the goods are loaded into the system by reading the bar code, which immediately identifies the most available pallet-holder storage area.

For the picking of bulky products, the system generates pick lists by type of destination (e.g., orders to Sicily or firm storage) and-as these products are "self-dispatchable" (i.e., do not require additional packaging)-allows the waybill (i.e., the label containing item and consignee details) to be printed directly when the mission is picked up.

The picking logic in this area is batch picking, i.e., the operator assembles multiple orders and for each mission picks, of a given reference, the total quota of all orders.

The operators, equipped with voice terminals with headsets and microphone, work quickly and safely with hands and eyes free, receive a voice command from the system of the task they are to perform and relay confirmation of the mission.

Concurrently with the picking operation, the operator directly applies the waybill label to the package, thus ready for shipment.

This procedure, i.e., the integration of picking and waybill (effectively eliminating the picking list), has enabled SDA Express Courier to achieve significant advantages in terms of streamlining procedures.

Once picked, self-shipment parcels are taken to the shipping area, where reading the barcode associated with the waybill generates the relevant transport document. From there, the parcels will then be forwarded to SDA Express Courier's relay platforms throughout Italy.


The management of small parts and consumables - receiving, stocking, and picking-is done through the support of the new wireless pick&put-to-light system.

In receiving, the operator sets up Pick2LightAIR light displays on a trolley intended for stocking shelves or mouths.

As each item is read, the system tells the operator, through the light display, which container to place the product in and the quantity to insert. Once the sorting operation is completed, the operator begins the stock replenishment mission in the storage area, guided to the locations by radio frequency terminals or voice according to an optimized route along the aisles.

Arriving at the indicated location, the operator immediately identifies-again thanks to the light display-the quantity and container in which to store the products.

For picking of small parts and consumables - similar to bulky goods - the system generates picking waves by destination type, called "mini-batches" (multiple orders are assembled at the same time), supported by Voice and Pick2LightAIR technology.

The picking logic is of the "pick&pack - put to light" type: the operator sets up light displays on a cart intended for "mini-batch" picking on which boxes or envelopes are arranged to form the final packaging.

The system, through the voice terminal, guides the operator to mass picking of items, optimizing the route according to the items to be picked.

Multiple envelopes or boxes already allocated to each order-customer are placed on the cart, beneath which is a light display.

The moment the operator is at the location, he or she picks up the quantity indicated by the voice, and then, based on the lights that illuminate on the cart, directly packs the items into the envelopes/boxes, according to the quantities indicated on each illuminated display.

Once the mission is completed, the cart is taken to the shipping area. At this point, the operator reads the bar-codes associated with each envelope, and StockSystemEvolution automatically launches the printing of waybills and the corresponding transport document.

Although the picking of bulky items and spare parts are "logically" two different procedures, the WMS, in order to ensure that a customer-issuing an order consisting of both bulky and small parts-receives the complete order, provides-when reading the parcel for the issuance of the waybill-for the issuance of the transport document, the issuance of a notice to wait for the missing part. In addition, at the time the transport document is generated, the system also sends a confirmation email to the end customer.

Thanks to StockSystem WMS and the perfectly integrated technologies, the following benefits have been achieved:

  • Precise control of all activities performed by each operator, which has resulted in improved workload distribution;
  • increased speed and productivity;
  • greater accuracy in the performance of each activity since through the statistics dashboard it is always possible to identify any efficiencies and refine the logistics process;

  • error reduction;
  • better control of goods positions and inventories and space optimization;
  • an improvement in results and margins as working time has been reduced and the reliability of the system enables efficient work.
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