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Cecchi is the historical brand name of an important company, but it is above all the name of a family. From 1893 to the present, the Cecchi family has been a protagonist in the evolution of the world of wine both as a product and as a philosophy; it has lived through, understood and integrated all the changes that have taken place in more than a century.

It is safe to say that today a glass of Cecchi wine can be drunk in Tokyo, in Rome as in New York, in London or Berlin, passing through Nepal or Auckland. If you find youself in Moscow or Caracas, nothing prevents you from asking for a good bottle of Chianti Classico Cecchi, as well as in Rio, in Tallin or in Oslo, and most importantly to drink it and enjoy it fully, because the quality controls made on the product are guaranteed to the highest standards for shipments too.

Casa Vinicola Luigi Cecchi & Figli Srl

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Cecchi is a historic Chianti Classico winery managed and organized by brothers Cesare and Andrea Cecchi.





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Cecchi is headed by Villa Cerna, Castello Montaùto, Val delle Rose and Tenuta Alzatura, four important estates located among Italy's most prestigious wine-growing areas: Chianti Classico, San Gimignano, Tuscan Maremma and Umbria.

In the 1970s Cecchi moved to the commune of Castellina in Chianti, a historic Chianti Classico production area and the site of the Villa Cerna estate, purchased in 1962, whose vineyards cover an area of 120 hectares, 83 of which are planted with vines.

The Castello Montauto farm, purchased in the late 1980s, spreads over a wide hill ridge facing San Gimignano and has an area of about 48 hectares under vine. In 1996 the Cecchi family also put down roots in Maremma by purchasing the Val delle Rose estate in the Morellino di Scansano area at Poggio alla Mozza.

The property already had 25 hectares of vineyards, which over the years have been entirely replanted and expanded to 100 hectares. For the past few years, the construction of a new futuristic winery has been underway, a major project that won the Toscana Eco-efficient award from the Region of Tuscany in 2012 : 4,000 square meters of production area and 2,000 square meters dedicated to hospitality.

In 2000 the Cecchi family decided to cross Tuscan borders by going on to buy an estate in Montefalco in Umbria, Tenuta Alzatura, which covers a total area of 30 hectares, 18 of which are planted with vines.

For the past few years Cecchi has chosen to broaden its horizons by enriching its offerings, through the distribution of wines from two separate realities, one French and one Italian: Collard Picard, a Champagne maison - racoltant manipolant - whose vineyards stretch across the Marne and Còtes de Blancs valleys, and Castiglion del Bosco: 59 hectares planted with vines in one of the most vocated areas of the land of Burnello, a collection of wines that express its unique identity.

Replica Sistemi improved our entire management system, from administration to sales, from warehousing to logistics.

Fabrizio Righi

IT Manager, Casa Vinicola Luigi Cecchi e Figli Srl


In 2007, in the process of expansion, Cecchi's management felt the need to improve the management of logistics flows and production processes with the goal of achieving complete traceability/trackability of produced bottles, barrels, packages and pallets through the automated introduction of the SSCC logistics label. After careful software selection, it decided to implement Replica Sistemi's StockSystem WMS connected by radio frequency to handheld terminals and interfaced to the company's AS 400 ERP.

Project Goals:

  • Traceability / Tracking
  • SSCC Labeling
  • Reduction in errors and order fulfillment time
  • Certainty of inventories


In 2007:

  • WMS: StockSystem
  • n.4 Dolphin 9550 Honewell
  • n.3 Dolphin 99GX Honeywell

In 2010:

  • SMA.I.L:) Customs for handling customs paperwork

In 2012:

  • Switch to SMA.I.L:) StockSystem
  • ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV with NAV Wine module

The flow analysis led to a reorganization of the finished goods cellar. The WMS managed not only bottles destined for sale, but also packaging material (caps, bottles, cartons, labels, etc...) and customs paperwork.

In 2010 to also address customs-related needs, Cecchi also integrated SMA.I.L:) to the WMS. Customs by Replica Sistemi for customs, tax and VAT warehouse management.

In 2012, management felt the need to renew the company's information system and searched the market for a new generation ERP that was international, flexible and capable of responding to new global business opportunities such as, for example, e-commerce.

Replica Sistemi proposed Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the NAV Wine add-on developed specifically for wineries, capable of fulfilling all the needs of a winery, and integrated with the StockSystem WMS.

After careful evaluation, Cecchi chose to renew its trust in Replica Sistemi with the goal of Go - live the project in January 2014. From September to December 2013 there was the migration of all accounting data from AS 400 to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the accounting unification of the 4 group companies (3 production and one commercial). Then consider that about 50% of sales are to foreign markets.

In accounting, the biggest issue was related to the management of contracts with the GD and DO for the multiple clauses related to discounts, promotions, sales bonuses, etc., therefore, a special CONTRACT MANAGEMENT MODULE AND YEAR END PRIZES for large retailers was activated.

In addition, the following have been created:

  • a statistical data warehouse for sales analysis that can be consulted externally by all agents through a web application
  • an interface with Prolab.Q, for real time consultation of laboratory analysis and quality control.


  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduction in errors and customer complaints resulting in better customer service
  • Real-time inventory

  • Optimal management of orders from different sales channels
  • Optimal management of sales through different distirbution channels
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